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Kubota ZD Series Mower

Kubota ZD Series Mower

MODELS: ZD1011-48, ZD1011-54, ZD1021-60
This compact diesel engine, side discharge mower is versatile and reliable to handle jobs big and small. Offering better fuel efficiency and cutting performance with an improved fuel/horsepower balance – keeping you more productive while saving you money. Available in 48”, 54” or 60” decks.

Demo the #1 selling diesel zero-turn mower series* with efficient deck technology,

hands-free hydraulic deck lift, and a durable drive shaft transmission.

Come see how the #1 selling diesel zero-turn mower series*, the ZD,

performs comfortably on even the biggest lawns.

• ACS deck technology reduces

fuel consumption and improves

cutting performance

• Hands-free hydraulic deck lift

• Responsive and durable shaftdrive


• Deluxe suspension seat for

superior comfort

Together we do more.


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